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Certified Technicians

Ryan maintains a list of certified techs for our customers so that you have the assurance that these individuals and companies are qualified to work on the equipment and install it properly and correctly according to your design specifications. Ultimately, this will eliminate possible problems in the entire construction process and will create a system that satisfies everyone.

If you are a certified tech who has attended Burnham, Camus, Fulton, or Intellihot service schools, please contact us to include you on our lists.

Fulton Endura Boilers

List of Attendees July 21-22, 2021 Completed
Student Company Website
Mike Bever Bartingale Mechanical https://www.bartingalemechanical.com/
Brian Vanderlinde Modern Heating & Air https://www.modernhtg.com/

Fulton Endura+ Boilers

List of Attendees July 19-20, 2021 Completed
Student Company Website
Jesse Owens Corporate Mechanical http://corporatemechanical.com/
Corey Jenson Ellingsons https://www.ellingsons.com/
Tim Thill Ellingsons https://www.ellingsons.com/
Brian Vanderlinde Modern Heating & Air https://www.modernhtg.com/
Chris Kristensen NAC https://nac-hvac.com/contact-us/
Korey Lorenz NAC https://nac-hvac.com/contact-us/
Aaron Corrick Northland Mechanical https://www.northland-mn.com/
List of Attendees July 23-24, 2019 Completed
Student Company Website
Don Anderson Climate Air Inc http://www.climateairinc.com/
Scott Fisher Climate Air Inc http://www.climateairinc.com/
Don Wenner Corporate Mechanical http://corporatemechanical.com/
Jordan Schneider Corporate Mechanical http://corporatemechanical.com/
Jake Affolter Corval Group https://www.corvalgroup.com/
Matt Ostertag Corval Group https://www.corvalgroup.com/
Brian Neubauer Ellingsons https://www.ellingsons.com/
Justin Meyer Ellingsons https://www.ellingsons.com/
Travis Ahrendt Ellingsons https://www.ellingsons.com/
Nick Wood Kraft Mechanical https://www.kraftcm.com/
Tom Goossen Kraft Mechanical https://www.kraftcm.com/
Joe Smith NAC https://nac-hvac.com/contact-us/
Brad Lombard Paape Distributing Co https://www.paape.com/
Cale Slawson Paape Distributing Co https://www.paape.com/
Dan Hogan Ryan Company Inc https://ryancompanyinc.com/

Fulton Vantage Boilers

List of Attendees July 28, 2022 Completed
Student Company Website
Randy Anderson Alexandria Tech College
Jake Strege Climate Makers Inc http://www.climatemakersinc.com/
Jake Affolter Corval Group https://www.corvalgroup.com/
Matt Ostertage Corval Group https://www.corvalgroup.com/
Chris Stoffel ISD # 709 Duluth
Jerome Chopp ISD # 709 Duluth
John Clemmer Metropolitan Mechanical https://www.metromech.com/
Ryan Davis Metropolitan Mechanical https://www.metromech.com/
Jim Eck Nasseff Mechanical https://www.nasseff.com/
Dylan Mudgett Northern Air Corp https://nac-hvac.com/
List of Attendees December 27, 2018 Completed
Student Company Website
Jacob Emming Daikin Applied https://www.daikinapplied.com/
Kevin Mullen Daikin Applied https://www.daikinapplied.com/
Kyle Dunn Daikin Applied https://www.daikinapplied.com/
Shawn Eich Daikin Applied https://www.daikinapplied.com/
Mike Oltrogge Owens Companies https://owenscompanies.com/
Steve Staples Owens Companies https://owenscompanies.com/
Brad Lombard Paape Distributing Co https://www.paape.com/
Cale Swanson Paape Distributing Co https://www.paape.com/
Daniel Luebben Paape Distributing Co https://www.paape.com/
Chris Hietala UHL Company Inc https://www.uhlcompany.com/
List of Attendees December 27-29, 2016 Completed
Student Company Website
Kevin Neils Allied Climate Pros
Don Wenner Corporate Mechanical http://corporatemechanical.com/
Jason Duke Corporate Mechanical http://corporatemechanical.com/
Dustin Horton Corval Group https://www.corvalgroup.com/
Jim Powell Corval Group https://www.corvalgroup.com/
Brian Brady Egan Company https://www.eganco.com/
Brian Vanderlay Egan Company https://www.eganco.com/
Les Delton Harris Mechanical https://www.harriscompany.com/
Mike Brown Harris Mechanical https://www.harriscompany.com/
Bob Hemsch JCI https://www.johnsoncontrols.com/
Chad Majerus JCI https://www.johnsoncontrols.com/
Dave Krig JCI https://www.johnsoncontrols.com/
Dave LaPree JCI https://www.johnsoncontrols.com/
Terry Nitti JCI https://www.johnsoncontrols.com/
Joe Maxfield L & M Boiler Systems Inc http://lmboilersystems.com/
Aaron Nerud MMC https://www.metromech.com/
Don Voytilla MMC https://www.metromech.com/
Nate Luc MMC https://www.metromech.com/
Aaron Corrick Northland Mechanical https://www.northland-mn.com/
Chris Strehlow Owens Companies https://owenscompanies.com/
Todd Reiter Owens Companies https://owenscompanies.com/
Lucas Dooley Peterson Mechanical https://petersonmechanical.com/
Keith Solem Shackleton

Fulton Pulse, ModSync, & Vantage Training

List of Attendees
Student Company Website
Keith Etherington Paape Companies, Inc. http://www.paape.com
Brad Lombard Paape Companies, Inc. http://www.paape.com

Fulton Pulse Boilers

List of Attendees
Student Company Website
Marv Toombs Albers Mechanical http://albersmechanical.com/
Thomas Olsen Albers Mechanical http://albersmechanical.com/
Blake Reinholez Cool Air Mechanical http://coolairmechanical.com/
Travis Ahrendt Ellingson P & H http://www.ellingsons.com/
Jake Strege Climate Makers http://www.climatemakersinc.com/
Les Delton Harris Mechanical http://www.hmcc.com/
Don Wenner Corval Group http://corvalgroup.com/
Jim Powell Corval Group http://corvalgroup.com/
Jason Schauer NSI/Horwitz http://nsi-horwitz.com/
Ted Truckenbrod NSI/Horwitz http://nsi-horwitz.com/
Gene Rogratzki Certified Inc. http://certified-plumbing-heating.com/
Jarid Larson Corporate Mechanical http://www.corporatemechanical.com/
Josh Kos Corporate Mechanical http://www.corporatemechanical.com/
Jordan Schneider Corporate Mechanical http://www.corporatemechanical.com/
Cory Lorenz NAC http://www.nac-hvac.com
Jim Hilpipre NAC http://www.nac-hvac.com