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Boiler Pre-Startup Checklist


Failure to have units and the system ready for immediate commissioning will result in additional cost.

Please Note:
Ryan Company will try to accommodate requested commissioning dates in advance of this form being returned to us. But because of the many postponements we receive this form must be returned complete 7 days minimum prior to the commissioning to keep your date. If system is being controlled by Building Automation please make sure BMS people are available so boilers can be released to building automation. Thank you for understanding.

Job site Name


Contact Name

Phone Number

Site Address

Model Number

National Board

Model Number

National Board

Model Number

National Board

Required Actions



Have equipment installation manuals been followed?

Local and national codes followed?

Has boiler had hydrostatic test, signed off by State inspector?


Voltage matches supplied components on boiler and system provided?

Electrical wiring on skid mounted units has been terminated and tested?

Control wiring for lead lag controller or BMS terminated and tested?

Wiring to boiler is completed and inspected, if required?

Are E-Stops installed and wired?

Will electricians be available to make changes, if necessary?

System Piping:

All hydronic system piping to the boiler has been completed, leak tested &


Are all required sensors installed and wired per IOM?

Condensate drain kit piping has been completed per installation and operation


Circulating pumps are wired and ready for operation?

Pumps have run for minimum of 24 hours and air bleed from system?


Is boiler accessible and free of construction debris? (trip hazards)

System Load:

Will there be adequate load to fully test boilers?


Are draft controls installed and completed per manufacture’s IOM?

Is all wiring completed and terminated on draft controls and boiler?

Stack material is proper and meets or exceeds requirements.

Combustion air intake material is schedule 40 PVC or galvanized steel?

Flue exhaust and combustion air intake are terminated to prevent flue gas


Power exhaust systems have been tested and are operational?

Gas Piping / Oil Piping:

Is stepdown regulator at least 10’ from boiler gas inlet?

Are correct springs installed in regulators to meet boiler gas requirements?

Supply gas piping is of proper size to ensure adequate gas supply at all operating

conditions for All boilers?

Does the supply gas pressure meet boiler/skid submittal requirements? (model


Gas service to building is on and has been leak tested?

Vents from regulators and pressure switches terminated to atmosphere if required?

Supply and return oil piping completed?

Has adequate filtration of the oil supply system been completed?

Foot valve has been installed in the supply line in the oil tank?


Is the owner’s operators available for operating instructions after commissioning is


Will the mechanical contractor have someone on site during commissioning?

Desired starting date?

Please supply on site contact name and phone number

If you have any questions please contact Jesse McMonagle 952-767-7071 for assistance. Please return this complete form via email to Jesse (jesse@ryancompanyinc.com).

*Authority having jurisdiction

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