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Power Flame Products - Ryan Company, Inc.

Power Flame


Overall CapabilitiesPowerflame Burner

17,000 to 63,000,000 BTU/HR input.
Gases: Natural, LP, Mixed, Digester
Oils: No. 2, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6, Waste
Combinations: Gas - Oil, Gas - Gas


Firetube, Watertube and Cast Iron Boilers, Dryers, Airheaters, Incinerators, Solid Fuel Ignitors and Others.

General FeaturesPowerFlame Burner

Factory wired, assembled and tested. Each burner is put through a complete operational fire test at the factor to insure quality and minimize possible problems at field startup. Choice of modulating, high-low or on-off control systems with low fire start or proven low fire start with pre-purge and post purge air control.

Fuel Oil PumpsetsPowerFlame Oil Pumpsets

High pressure remote-mounted burner pumpsets & low and intermediate transfer pumpsets. These are available in a simplex or duplex motor configuration.


  • Oil pumping and heating systems
  • Air compressors for air atomizing oil burners
  • Pre-piped gas trains
  • Custom control panels and boiler control centers. Skid-mounted single or multiple burner units
  • Frontplates and refractories.